IMG_4553In the Commercial spectrum Shepherd Security specializes in Professional Offices including – Doctors and Dentists, Medical Offices, Attorney’s, Architects, Realtor Offices, Insurance Agencies and many other businesses and organizations.

Our Commercial Security Panel combined with Interactive Cellular Technology allows owners and managers of these types of business to conveniently and remotely manage the systems.

Website Computer and Smartphone Control and Management of these Systems include the following:

Access Code Management – adding and deleting codes – tracking users and scheduling access. Users are listed by name, with their access code and authority level. User can be allowed access to only certain “Partitions” allowing certain areas such as an owners or managers office “to be off limits”.

Remote Arming and Dis-Arming of the System: Easily Arm and Dis-arm the System through Smartphones and Computers.

Com-SLiderTracking Users – Employee’s, Cleaning Personnel, Contractors, Security Guards etc. can all be given their own access codes and their use of the system can be tracked and date and time stamped.

Email and Text Notification – Selected users can be set up so that when they arm or dis-arm the system an email and or text message can be sent to multiple contacts. This makes it very easy for a business owner or manager to be instantly alerted when an employee opens or closes the business or when cleaning personnel show up and leave. In addition, this information is stored in “Cloud based Storage” for future access.

Integrated Wireless IP Video – Economical Indoor and Outdoor Cameras with Night Vision can be installed and they integrate with the Security System in several ways. Alarm event video clips are instantly emailed or texted to selected employees or management. This can be used to verify the proper person(s) is accessing the business with the any individual’s access code.

Alarm Verification – These integrated video clips can also be used by Central Station Operators, owners or managers to verify alarm activations and decide if the police should be dispatched or not. “Verified Alarm Response” is becoming mandatory in some areas.

Traditional Cameras Systems: We also install traditional DVR and NVR based Camera Systems with and without “Cloud Based Storage”.

Commercial Fire Systems: Installations, Monitoring and Service Agreements and Inspections are a routine part of our Commercial business.

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