What is Interactive Cellular and Z-Wave Technology in Security Systems?

Posted On: 11 Jun 2015

Interactive Cellular refers to two things. First – a Cellular Radio to transmit Alarm Signals from a home or businesses alarm system to the Central Station. Second – the ability to “Interact” with the Security System from a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone with an App. “Interactive” includes remote Arming and Disarming of the Alarm System, the receipt of email and or text message notifications about events occurring with the alarm system.


For example: You could receive an email and or text message when a Pet Sitter arrives at your home to care for a dog or cat and another when they leave. Another application would be the receipt of an email and or text message when a Child arrives home from school and dis-arms the alarm. Monitoring Workmen, Employee’s and Cleaning Personnel are all useful applications.


Optional IP Camera Video Clips of the person arming and dis-arming the system can also be attached to the email and text alerts. ( More on Video in my next Blog ).


So How Does it “Interact”?

First off there are actually 4 separate entities or devices that work together to control your security system from a computer, tablet or smartphone. First you must have a relatively new 1. “Alarm Control Panel” and it must be “Compatible” with the 2.“Interactive Cellular Radio” that connects to it. 3. Is your “Tablet, Computer or Smartphone” . 4. Is “Alarm.com” which is the company whose computers you connect to for entering Commands to your System.


The Commands go to Alarm.com and then Alarm.com sends the commands to your Cellular Radio which in turns tells your Control Panel what you want it to do. The Control Panel tells the Cellular Radio what it did and it then updates Alarm.com to show the current status such as “Armed or Dis-Armed” etc.


What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is an established international standard – ITU-T G.9959 and it has been powering the smart home market since 2005. It’s a Radio Frequency communication system used in variety of home and business applications. It feature plug and play compatibility which creates an integrated home system. Its available for lighting, access control, door locks, thermostats and more. Home Automation uses this communication network for unified command, control and scheduling function in a home or business. Z-Wave products perform this Home Automation functions wirelessly using RF mesh based radio communications.


More on the Z-Wave Alliance in upcoming Blogs.

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